Building Condition Assessments


Building Condition Assessments – EP Group Ltd

Welcome on board to choose your favourite property and make them inspected. EP Group Ltd welcomes you to choose the utmost destination of buying, selling and planning to choose a new home. We all know that our home is our bigger investment. Before making any decision we always discuss it with some experts. Like for other services, planning for a new home, or selling it need expert clearance. Property condition assessments are necessary for doing such activities and for this you always need a professional person who will manage every for you. At Eden Pacific, we offer a variety of professional home inspection services with our experts.

What is the building inspectors do?

  • He makes sure to check every inch of the property to be live right for you.
  • We identify potential problems.
  • We consider possible upgrades and measures.
  • With our experienced team, we mark up your negotiations with peace of mind.
  • We survey the home condition includes disaster-prone and check the historical damages.
  • We manage hassle-free service for you without excluding any extra charge.

EP Group Ltd is known for the best property cladding assessments Auckland who manages and gives dedication to providing superior customer service with detailed inspections. We are always reaching to match your expectations and make your services to be trustable with us.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance Reports

Why choose a property inspector?

A home should be a place to live peacefully for us and our dear ones. With a wise and complete choice of selecting the designated home inspection service, we provide your home to be structural around. We understand the need for shifting and making a new place that you can call as your home. And home should be your dream home with all kinds of security and comfort. Before moving to a new place we always look and check with the surroundings and our locality. We do every building cladding assessments Auckland for you and closely examine the right property for you.

Why people trust our services?

We are in property consultant business for years and managing for both buyers and sellers so that they should obtain a professional home inspection service. We have conducted numerous comprehensive evaluations and surveys, that provide us the real-time custom reports. With those reports, we make us ready with some useful and objective information. For the buyers, we have provided peace of mind with our services of building condition assessments in Auckland. This is the valuable marketing advantage that took us on the hike.

Time to take it from the Pro

If you’re planning for selling or buying the home, then hiring a professional expert is not a tough task. We understand that choosing the right property is difficult while you are looking up for other actions. Like you are an expert in your job same as the building inspectors are also professionals in doing their job with years of experience. This could be proven to a bold statement to you but a professional building inspector can do and select as many things which we cannot even imagine while looking for a property. Offering a broad range of home inspection services, they will uncover some facts and figures that may be fascinating for you. With their skills in property condition assessments in Auckland, they will make you informed about every piece of the property.