Standard Inspection


Property Inspection Services

Planning to buy a new property? But worrying with the property inspection services in  Auckland? You don’t need to be worry if you have EP Group Ltd in your town. We believe in fair and honest property inspection services. Our authentic written report of inspection offers you with complete photographs and details. We present you each detail so that it would assure you that you are buying a safe and inspected home. We write every detail and issue if persists for you and our building inspector present it for your readability.

We have an extreme speed of making an inspection in turnaround to report. The report we made either e-mailed or send directly to you that is enclose during business days. In case if you see any kind of problem in report then our building inspector will meet you personally to handle the things and make it understand for you. The report is made with the building inspection services in Auckland, that is made to the point without any kind of technical detailing. With the format of objective answers, the report is made in a layman language so that it would understand by anyone. Have you ever heard about inspecting of the property before planning to move in? No right, yet it is kind of new and fancy concept but the most eligible one. The concept is new but you must be aware of the property in which you are investing in. These property inspection services are done under property inspectors. The property inspection detail includes finding every detail regarding the property. Though EP Group Ltd offers you in specialized terms the benefits of knowing your property. With all the background checks for the safe building inspections in Auckland, we have enchanted us as the best property inspection services. Although we know that this is a new concept but is the most eligible and profound one. Though we are in the property inspection business for years and this is the thing we are known among the New Zealanders.


We have covered the following sections in our report:

  •  Ground zero construction testing
  • Testing of non-invasive moisture
  • Groundwork testing
  • Space in roof and ceiling
  • Insulation testing
  • Exterior covering testing
  • Woodwork
  • Subfloor and foundation testing
  • Drainage and plumbing visibility

On-site inspection facility:

As we thoroughly inspect the site however it takes between an hour for us to visit and note every detail. Our team of building inspectors in Auckland allows purchasers for a standard pre-purchase inspection. we welcome our clients at the time of inspection and can also offer the details of the building inspector. So that you can find the report and finding with them.

Rapid payment discount:

We always offer on-site, same day instant payment discount for our services of property inspection in Auckland for our clients. Also please no that we do not offer payment through credit cards. Only the direct credit and cheques payments are accepted by us.

Plausible meth testing:

We can also offer thermal imaging to our pre-purchases if requested by the client. You can check and see our payment mode to see the which option is best to recommend for you. We have Registered Building Inspectors that will be able to offer you with inspection on fungal decay caused by the wooden decay fungi, and even structural defects identified to the current flooring system.

Permeable buildings:

The leaky building issue is the ongoing issue for years. EP Group Ltd has been involved with the problem of leaky building. The reason is we known everything and has equipment’s that detects moisture that enables in your building.

Should you wish to discuss your options, require further information or make a booking for a Pre Purchase inspection please contact our friendly office staff on (09) 413 8610