Property Services


Property Services Auckland

EP Group Ltd Property Services provides a comprehensive service to clients wanting to buy or sell a property.

We can organize expert assistance in a range of additional areas, to help you make the right choices.

Area of work to be covered by EP Group Ltd Property Services

  • Compliance
  • House relocation reports
  • Meth Testing
  • Agents Overview
  • Maintenance Review
  • Condition Assessment


Certificates of Acceptance
This report is carried out on works undertaken after 1992 without the relevant permissions or approvals from council. It is required by councils in order for them to issue a certificate of acceptance (COA)

Third Party Reports
This report is carried out on works completed prior to 1992 that did not have the required council approval or permission.

Meth Testing

On site Presumptive Detection of Meth Amphetamines “P” for instant property test results.

Agents Overview

This is an overview of a property that is for sale which identifies the type of construction and materials used to build the dwelling. It is not a pre purchase inspection but a document that will enable the agent to answer questions from potential buyers in regards to cladding type, cavity system, roof type , foundations, insulation, glazing, hot water delivery etc.


House Relocation Reports

This report is carried out on houses that are to be relocated. It advises council of the condition of the house that is to be relocated within their district.

WOF Reports

This is a report undertaken on an annual basis for the benefit of the landlord. It will focus on ensuring that there are no issues or situations which will lead to deterioration or damage of the building which may go unseen by the tenant.

Maintenance Review

This report will enable home owners to plan the ongoing maintenance of their home. Allowing them to budget for more costly maintenance such as repainting of the exterior or reroofing of the property.

Condition Assessments

Condition assessments are carried out on buildings that have the potential to be impacted by heavy works such as roading or large drainage or infrastructure projects in residential areas.
The reports cover areas of existing damage to homes internally and externally prior to works being undertaken. This eliminates issues that may arise during the construction process and provides a reference point should an issue occur.