Selling A Home


Selling A Home – EP Group Ltd

Before you put your house on the market, you may want to seriously consider the benefits of having it inspected (Pre Sale Inspection) by EP Group Ltd.

Just as a purchaser’s inspection is for the buyer’s peace of mind, the pre-sale home inspection is for the seller’s peace of mind. A pre-sale home inspection can provide the seller with a list of key items likely to be revealed by the buyer’s home inspection and give them time to find acceptable and affordable remedies to them prior to showing, in short, it gives the seller a glimpse into the future of the sale.


Without a doubt, this is the best time for a home inspection for all involved. All too often, a home inspection is performed as a final contingency of a sale with little time to absorb its impact. Any reported deficiencies at this time of high emotional stress can easily be blown out of proportion causing an over reaction and possibly the loss of the deal.

People are far more receptive to such deficiencies when they are disclosed to them up front, perhaps while they are viewing the home for the first time. The additional benefits to a seller are having the opportunity to rectify any issues prior to sale, undertake necessary maintenance, fewer renegotiations, less surprises, a better selling price, less likely litigation for improper disclosure and an increased chance that a deal will close.

Having a pre-sale inspection given to a buyer does not remove the buyer’s responsibility to perform their own due diligence and have their own inspection of the property.

Remember that first impressions count; even minor maintenance improvements can enhance a home’s appearance and marketability, such as: keeping the lawns mown, trimming trees and shrubs which touch or overhang the house; giving the house and fences a wash, cleaning spouting of debris and leaves (Fineline Painters can assist with this); repairing or replacing cracked or broken downpipes etc. to ensure proper drainage.

Very simple steps can be taken with the interior i.e. tightening loose door knobs, replacing broken panes of glass, keeping the interior neutral to appeal to all tastes and simply removing any interior clutter to give a sense of space.